A Swiss Army knife for data teams

The fastest way to get insights from your database to your team.

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How Seekwell Works

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Collaboration and Automation

SeekWell helps you work 10x faster with simple code sharing, AI-driven code completion and automated data flows.

Send data directly to Sheets and Slack

Deliver SQL results or DataFrames to the tools your team already uses. No more errors or delays caused by copy/pasting. You can also write back to your database from Sheets.

SeekWell Features

Automate data flows

With just a few clicks, schedule automatic updates every week, day, hour or every 5 minutes. Always have current data without endless manual updates.

SeekWell Features

Share code with your team

Save, tag, and discover code written by anyone on your team. Never re-write code that someone has already perfected.

SeekWell Features

Use SQL and Python

Run analysis in SeekWell using SQL and Python, no need to switch tools.

SeekWell Features

Automate directly from Jupyter Notebooks

Already using Jupyter? Schedule your notebooks to run with just a couple clicks an deliver data to Sheets or Slack.

SeekWell Features

Get connected in minutes, not weeks

Download the app, connect to your database and start writing code. No need for weeks of consultations--we'll learn about your data as your write and tag code.

Hassle-free setup

Get started writing code within minutes of sign-up.

Shared code repository

Search and filter your teams repository to find existing code to use or tweak.


Helpful suggestions let you write code faster.

In-product support

We'll be with you at every step. Need help? Just ask!

"SeekWell literally revolutionized my workflow and expanded the realm of possibility and impact at my org."

Mathew Gonzalez

Leadership for Educational Equity


Frequently Asked Questions

What databases do you support?

MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, MS SQL Server, and Snowflake

How much does SeekWell cost?

You can see our Free, Team, and Enterprise plans on our pricing page

Where can I see my scheduled queries?

Checkout your profile to see your scheduled queries

How do I connect slack?

That's easy. Connect to Slack