SQL in the apps you already use

Get your SQL data in the places you need it like Google Sheets, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack.

Data-driven teams across product, growth, and sales use SeekWell to turn insights into action


The data you need in the places you want it

Unlock your data warehouse. Write SQL and sync the results to the apps your team operates in.

Tightly integrated with the apps your team depends on

Connect to Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, Redshift, and SQL Server. Send data where your team needs it like Google Sheets, Excel, Slack and email.

  • Spreadsheets

    Send data from SQL to Google Sheets and Excel. You can also send data from one spreadsheet to another and join multiple sheets to your SQL data.

  • Email and Slack alerts

    Push key alerts to your team. Only get notified when you need to be with Triggers. You can also send emails to your customers using SQL.

  • Scheduling and Automation

    Schedule your queries to run hourly, daily, weekly or every 5 minutes. Your data will always be fresh and up to date.

Your team's SQL repository

Share, tag, and discover code written by anyone on your team. Never re-write code someone else has already perfected.

  • Tags and Parameters

    Organize your SQL with Tags and make them reusable with Parameters. You can also easily search, sort and filter by the type of query, author, and dates.

  • Snippets

    Share small, reusable bits of SQL with your team using Snippets. They're great for automating date formatting or metric defintions.

Tell Stories with your data

An always up-to-date Wall Street Journal article about your company automatically refreshed and delivered to your inbox daily.

  • Rich data-driven narratives

    Add data points to your Story with SQL in repeatable, flexible and automated way.

  • Investor and Executive updates

    Pulling data from a dozen different queries and spreadsheets and keying the results into an update email? Stop. Define data points in Stories and automatically send updates via email or Slack.


Frequently asked questions

What databases do you support?

MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, MS SQL Server, and Snowflake. You can also query Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files just like they were SQL tables. You can even query cross database and files (e.g. join a Google Sheet, Postgres table and MySQL table).

What destinations do you support?

Google Sheets, Slack, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom, Zendesk, and more. You can see the whole list on the integrations page.

How much does SeekWell cost?

You can see our plans on our pricing page.

What's a Block?

We call the combination of a source (e.g. Postgres) a destination (e.g. Google Sheets) and a SQL statement a Block. You can chain blocks together and query one block from another. You can also parameterize and tag blocks.

What's a Run?

A run is the execution of one of your Blocks. For example, if you schedule a Block to run hourly, it will have ~720 Runs per month.

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